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Shave Essentials Set

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Soft beard? Check. Smooth skin? Check. Your best shave yet? Check, check and check.

Pre-Shave + Conditioning Beard Oil: Perfect for pre-shave prep, this must-have prevents irritations and softens scruff and skin, while the innovative blend also works double-duty to tame, nourish and smooth your wildest whiskers and (importantly) the skin beneath.
Shave Gel: Non-foaming, lubricating gel that cools, soothes, hydrates, calms, and prevents irritations. Perfect for sensitive skin, it ingeniously glides on (and stays) clear so that you can see precisely where and what you’re shaving. Formulated with a blend of aloe vera, rosemary, eucalyptus and corn mint, this game-changing essential makes life super easy.
Ingrown Hair Treatment: This essential Ingrown Hair Treatment works wonders to gently remove dead skin, help fight bacteria and free, or prevent, ingrown hairs, all while soothing, calming and moisturizing your skin.


Customer Reviews

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Susan Rumans

Shave Essentials Set


It is a great trio

Russell Robinson
Product Effectiveness

Excellent Shave gell, especially for thick, tough beards

Meredith Kane
Good Product

I have bought literally thousands of products I never write reviews no matter if the product is good or bad. This is my first review, this product was delivered 3 days ago and I have used it 6 times (twice a day) and the razor bumps on my face are completely gone, the bumps on my neck are about 70% gone. I am a black male just in case people are wondering what type of skin the product was being used on. I will purchase again.

Harlee Ball
This product actually helps immensely.

This stuff is amazing. Several years ago I had an idiot dermatologist inject hundreds of small doses of Kenalog (a cortical steroid). Unaware of the damage this may have caused. About a year ago I noticed a serious ingrown hair on the side of my face. The. Another and another. I tried all sorts of remedies. This product helped more than any. The skin around the hair turns blue and it comes out painlessly. I use a bit more than directed without issue. Just put it on thick and let it dry.