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The New York Times — When 'His' Becomes 'Theirs'

Glycolic Facial Cleanser — The story titled, explores the trend of women who are exchanging their products for their male counterparts. Many females claim that they prefer the smell or texture of male products and that they are even more efficacious, especially when it comes to shaving products. However one of the main rationales for using male products is their tendency to cost less, even though male products boast similar ingredients as more expensive female products. Anthony is quoted as an industry expert explaining the price gap as a result of market price points and basic supply and demand economics. Anthony says, “If we could charge $60 for our Glycolic Facial Cleanser, we would do it, but we can't. We charge half that because the market isn't at a point yet where men spend what women spend on products. And it may never be at that point.” Read full article here: [products ids=“16948, 17510, 16004”]

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