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Know Your Razor

Here at Anthony Brands, we pride ourselves on having top of the line shaving and grooming products. However, if you’ve noticed, we don’t carry razors. Nonetheless, we do know how to wield a blade or two! The first safety razor first came about as a collaboration project between a MIT professor William Nickerson and King Camp Gillette. The electric razor came about later, supposedly one Jacob Scnick patented it after brainstorming ways to shave during an expedition through Alaska and British Columbia. Scnick considered shaving daily as a sign of civility and was determined to keep his routine despite the weather. What a dedicated groomer! Cut to modern day times, there are a variety of razors available. But how do you know if your razor is right for you? The answer is quite simple, a part of it lies within your skin type. Gillette’s commercials highlight its multiple bladed gadgets, because after all the more blades taking off hair follicles, the better the shaved look is; however, the question still stands: how many blades do you really need to take off hair? One blade, especially if you have sensitive skin. Multiple blades running through the same patch of skin over and over are more likely to cause irritation, thus reducing the likelihood of redness, a nick here and there, or bumps. For those with thicker or curly hair, you may need more than one blade. Overall, a shaved surface feels smooth and not like a miniature martian terrain marked with leaky volcanic cracks. But that is mostly pertaining to a safety or disposable razor. We haven’t even touched upon electric razors or trimmers yet (stay tuned for the next one on razors)!

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