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The War Between Shave Cream and Shave Gel

Should you be using a Shave Cream or a Shave Gel as your shaving assistant?
Guys, this is an age old question you should be asking and taking the time to figure out the answer. Stop using whichever one the lady decides to throw in her shopping bag! Considering the decade or so I’ve spent formulating products that are suitable for men, I’ve learned that the answer really depends on three things—your personal preference, the end goal (whether you want to shape it up or shave it off completely), and your skin type. Aside your personal preference, the biggest thing to keep in mind would be to identify your skin type. If you tend to get redness and irritation easily upon shaving, you have sensitive skin. In this case, it’s best to try out a Shave Gel. It provides hydration and proper lubrication that enables a smooth shave. A gel formula is also great if you are trimming your beard and need to be able to see through the shaving lubricant. A lot of customers confuse shaving cream with foam. In fact, you should stay away from drug store shaving foams as they tend to dry out your skin and clog your razors. These products also tend to contain more air than the actual shaving product. So when looking for a non-gel formula, I strongly recommend that you choose a shave cream. It tends to be thicker and can be lathered just by your fingertips or a badger brush. The Anthony Shave Cream contains rosemary and eucalyptus extracts that work as natural antiseptics (healing you as you shave) and squalene that helps reduce friction. Here’s a nifty cheat sheet for you to find the right one!
Shave Cream Shave Gel
A luxurious, non-foaming cream A foaming gel designed for sensitive skin
Helps prevent nicks and cuts Extreme lubrication which helps reduce irritation
Relaxes the skin to give you a close shave Contains Aloe Beads to hydrate your skin
Ideal for a close, clean shave See through gel allows you to style your stubble

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