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6 skincare Tips & tricks you’ve just gotta take outside

Spring is in full swing— time to get out and enjoy some fresh air. But before you do, these pro skincare tips + tricks will help keep your skin healthy and happy. 

Turn Up the Heat On SPF 

Always practice safe sun with essential skincare products designed to protect you from harmful UV rays. Our multitasking Day Cream SPF 30 works to protect your skin, while the high-performance formula also works to erase fine lines and wrinkles.

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Drink Up!

Drinking water helps to keep your skin healthy by flushing out toxins and maintaining elasticity. It also lowers your body temp when doing something physical. Keep a bottle of h20 close at hand and take a moment to drink in the day.


Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Temperatures are on the rise and sweaty skin can be a real pain—literally. The remedy? Apply No Sweat Body Defense to fight friction and chafing as well as soothe and refresh where you need it most.

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Don’t Forget To Spot Check

It’s Melanoma Awareness month. Fact: a mere 10% of Americans (you know who you are) wear SPF on sunny days, not to mention cloudy ones. Translation: there’s no better time to schedule a skin check…. along with daily SPF, early detection saves lives!


No shower? No problem!

Outdoor activities don’t have to leave you in a sweaty mess. When you can’t make it to an “actual” shower, tote our Showerless Sheets to freshen-up on-the-go.

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Cover Your Bases

Sunscreen wears off—especially when swimming and sweating. Be sure to re-apply every two hours to avoid unwanted skin damage that will more than likely effect your skin in years to come.

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