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For The Head Shavers

Here are three simple steps to help you get the best head shave possible. Allow roughly 10 minutes for the first time. Very soon, you should have it down to no more than five minutes! STEP 1: Prep your head. Always shave a head at the end of a warm shower. Like the face, the heat and water from the shower softens the hair, helps it to stand up straight and cleanses the skin. Remember, the cleaner the head, the closer the shave. During the shower, apply some shampoo with a washcloth and gently rub against the growth of the hair to raise the follicles. Next, apply a non-foaming shave cream or gel (try Anthony Shave Cream or Anthony Shave Gel). Try to avoid foam as it tends to be filled with air and doesn't allow the blade to get quite as close to the base of the hair follicles. Leave the cream or gel on for a few minutes to soften the hair. When using a blade close to the skin, we always recommend using a product that has eucalyptus and/or rosemary as these can act as anti-bacterial ingredients. It's important to feel the razor glide over your scalp. *If this is your first time shaving your head, use an electric hair clipper with no guard to remove as much hair as possible before using a razor. STEP 2: Shave. Try to use a portable mirror so that you can see what you’re doing from a variety of angles. Use a sharp, clean razor (this is all personal preference, but typically a two or three blade works best) and start by shaving with the grain (the direction the hair grows). This will help minimize ingrown hairs, razor burn and, of course, cuts. Let the blade glide gently down the sides and back and from the back to the front on top. Rinse the razor often to keep it clean and take it slow. For many, this is a learning process and you don't want to rush the shave. After the shave, re-apply a small amount of shaving cream or gel to the entire head, checking for areas that need to be re-shaved. It's always good to double check the back of the neck and behind the ears as these are areas that people sometimes tend to overlook. STEP 3: Nourish and Protect. It's important to hydrate the scalp and use products that infuse ingredients, such as aloe vera, to help repair and protect the skin. A good aftershave balm, like the Anthony After Shave Balm, will help with the healing process and moisturize the skin post-shave. Before going out in the sun, apply a sunscreen to prevent burning. Anthony Facial Moisturizer SPF 30 is recommended. Shaving your head daily or every other day will make it easier to maintain the results of a clean, well cut shaved head. How to maintain — Refer to the 3 steps above, but the most important thing is to cleanse the head, shave in the shower and stay consistent with your upkeep routine. How to do it yourself — Our 3-step system above is a great guide for the guy who wants to do this himself. It’s a very similar process to shaving the face. Who to go to — Always go to a licensed barber that specializes in this sort of barbering. Shaving the head can be a tricky process and if the person doing it does not have the proper experience, you may not only get an undesired result, but also a potentially painful one. Make sure their blades are changed regularly, and check to see how clean the shop is.

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