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Developed for men. Borrowed by women.

Over the years we've noticed that more and more women were buying our products. It started off with purchases for the men in their lives. However, women of this generation are very savvy. They realized that Anthony products were just as good (if not better) than many of the products they were using and at a better price point. So why not save a few bucks where you can and still reap the benefits of products that are made with natural ingredients, infused with advanced technologies? That was how the philosophy "Developed for men, borrowed by women" was coined and brought to life. In 2014, we went through a rebranding, dropping “For Men” from Anthony Logistics For Men, to Anthony, to truly cater to the skincare needs of both men and women. The brand was also reformulated to be free of questionable ingredients such as Parabens, GMOs, and many more. The result of this reformulation are products that are best in their class, easy to use, and suitable for a variety of skin types. As part of the re-branding we also changed our packaging to be more efficient such as airless pumps in the High Performance line. We’re very excited to un-clutter vanities and showers—one bathroom at a time—with products that work GREAT for you!

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