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Anthony's Fall/Winter Skincare Guide

You don’t wear the same types of clothes all year long, so why would you keep the same skincare routine all year long? Exposed skin needs just as many layers and protection as the rest of your body. Change up your routine and combat the cold! Exfoliate. A gentle exfoliator will help your skin be more receptive to your skincare products making them work better. Try the Facial Scrub. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. It is no surprise that wintertime conditions can dry out your skin. Help counteract the drying by changing up your moisturizer to one that adds a bit more hydration than the one you use the rest of the year. Remember SPF. Although it may seem like you’ll never see the sunshine again, it’s still there peeping through the clouds and snow. Always make sure to incorporate an SPF (All Purpose Moisturizer with SPF 30) sunscreen into your daily routine to protect from the sun and other winter dangers such as snow glare. Take care of your lips. Give your lips some attention instead of making them an afterthought when they are already dry and chapped. A hydrating lip balm with SPF if you can, is a great way to prevent harm from the cold, dry weather and suns rays. Swipe one on before you leave the house and you’ll thank me later. Protect yourself!

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